Hand Water Pumps

Hand Water Pumps for Playgrounds

Rainwell has developed easy-to-install Hand Water Pump systems, which enables connection to mains water, or harvested rainwater from a rain tank, via the Hand Water Pump Well or Pressure Reduction System (stainless steel pumps only).

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Cast Iron Hand Water Pumps

The classic, Cast Iron Hand Water Pumps are recommended for preschool aged children. Plated to prevent rusty water stains.

  • Bucket hook
  • Safety guards
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • 600 ml per reciprocation
  • Max draw depth 6M
  • Inlet 1-1/4" female thread
  • Colours: Marine blue, black, cottage green, manor red & rust finish
  • W 15 kg / H 650mm
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      Plated Cast Iron Hand Water Pump
      0101 Safety guards & stainless steel fittings $455.00
      Cast Iron HWP Replacement Seal
      0150 Leather bucket seal $15.00
      Cast Iron HWP Overhaul Kit
      0161 Overhaul kit $55.00


      Hand Water Pump Accessories

      Hand Water Pump Stands

      The Stands elevates both Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Hand Water Pump to an operating height for preshoolers, and all-ages, and makes installing the Hand Water Pumps easy. The Hand Water Pump Stand can be mounted on decking or on a concrete platform.

      Hand Water Pump Stands
      0301 Preschool 225mm high $345.00
      0306 All-ages 400mm high $385.00
      0203 Tamper-proof fasteners $55.00
      Long Radius Elbow Conduit
      0303 For concrete platform $24.00

      Hand Water Pump Wells

      The hand water pump wells are small below-ground tanks which can be buried near the Hand Water Pump, it's inlet has a float valve to maintain the water level, and it can connect to a rain tank, or mains water. The Cast Iron Pump Hand Water Pump version is fitted with a Foot Valve to keep the pump primed and reduce maintenance.

      To ensure clean pumped water, operate the pump every few days. For longer periods (school holidays) without use, we recommend operating the pump for 1 minute before children have access.

      Hand Water Pump Wells
      0302 For stainless steel pumps $245.00
      0311 For cast iron pumps inc. foot valve $295.00

Pressure Reduction System - Stainless Steel Pumps

Cleaner, safer water at your hands. Instead of the Well System, the S/S pumps can connect to mains water supply with the use of the PRS. The PRS takes the pressurized water and reduces it to a level where the hand pump can draw from the line while pumping and then automatically shuts off when pumping action stops.

PRS eliminates the risk of water contamination and ensures reliable operation. The PRS includes a mesh water filter, backflow prevention valve and adjustable pressure regulator.

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Pressure Reduction System
0400 For stainless steel pumps Price on request


Stainless Steel Hand Water Pumps

Beautifully crafted, hand polished, Stainless Steel Hand Water Pumps are specifically designed for playgrounds. Smooth, low resistance lever action makes pumping water easy for all children.

The Tadpole is recommended for preschool aged children - kindergartens, preschools, child care centres. The Lil Guppy is recommended for children of all-ages - primary schools and open playgrounds

No routine maintenance. 5 year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects.

  • Bucket hook
  • tamper-proof fittings
  • 230 ml per reciprocation
  • Max draw depth 8M
  • Vertical lift 10M
  • Inlet 1-1/4" female BSP
  • Outlet 1/2" female BSP
  • W 5.5 kg / H 510mm
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      Tadpole/Well Install Guide | [ View PDF ]

      Tadpole Hand Water Pump
      0201 For preschool age Price on request
      Tadpole Replacement Parts
      0204 Overhaul kit $120.00
      0207 Cup seal x 1 $15.00

      • tamper-proof fittings
      • 500 ml per reciprocation
      • Max draw depth 8M
      • Vertical lift 10M
      • Inlet 1-1/4" female BSP
      • Outlet 1" female BSP
      • W 10 kg / H 580mm
        • Lil Guppy Manual | [ View PDF ]

          Lil Guppy/Well Install Guide | [ View PDF ]

          Lil Guppy Hand Water Pump
          0202 For all ages Price on request
          Lil Guppy Replacement Parts
          0206 Overhaul kit $155.00
          0208 Cup seals x 2 $30.00