Minifie Park Early Childhood Centre

A Waterscape in the front and a Splashpond out the back has opened doors to new activities and sensory experiences. In the front, the 4+ year old's Waterscape provides challenges and pleasures, and out the back, 2-4 year olds can operate the Splashpond's pump all day and immerse their hands for play, discovery and relaxation. [ More information ]

Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Trailfinders Australian Garden wins Best in Show at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show. Presented by Flemings and designed by Phillip Johnson Landscapes. The Nautilus Filter Diverters were used to filter rainwater harnessed off the Waratah studio's and adjacent roofs, and divert cleaned rainwater to the rain tank and billabong, which sustained the installation without the reliance of precious drinking water. [ More information ]

Park Orchards Kindergarten Waterscape

A beautiful cast iron hand water pump perched at the top the slope delivers harvested rainwater to sustain indigenous and edible garden beds and a lush green lawn. Children can enjoy and learn about rainwater and the benefits it brings to their living environment. [ More information ]

Thornbury Kindergarten Waterscape

Bringing nature and water play together for a sensory and sustainable environment. Harvested rainwater is pumped from a Rainwell Waterseat and distributed around the sand pit and local native plants, or spilled from the snaking spillway into the river bed infiltration raingarden. [ More information ]

Somers Parade Kindergarten Waterscape

Improving our environment and connecting children with nature. Waterscapes incorporate hand water pumping to utilise harvested rainwater for play and discovery, and the raingarden and habitat garden brings balance to our ecology. [ More information ]

Nautilus - Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2012

The new Nautilus Rain Diverter featured on the award winning Phillip Johnson Landscapes / Savewater display. The Nautilus diverted filtered water to the stunning front yard creek and rain tank, and they looked a treat on the down pipes. [ More information ]

Steiner Preschool St Kilda Waterplay

Children can experience the pleasure of rainwater and discover the multitude of benefits it provides. Rainwell Waterplay begins with rainwater falling on the buildings roof and diverting from the downpipe to the Rainwell Waterseat. A classic cast iron hand pump and beautifully landscaped water-run and pond inspires curious minds. [ More information ]

Rainwell Watertower

The Rainwell Watertower regulates rainfall to irrigate 2 rain-shaded garden beds. A Watertower creates flow pressure and syphoning for irrigation pipes and when closed, or during a rainstorm, rainfall diverts back into the downpipe. Rainfall periods are ideal times for garden irrigation as rainwater has a better chance to absorb into the soil (approx. 1/3 of its volume) and improve plants drought tolerance. [ More information ]

Rainwell Waterseat 420l

An expansive deck leaves plenty of space for Rainwell Waterseat, which creates an environment for entertaining and a place to relax and enjoy the garden below. Rainwater storage and the AIS supports edible garden beds. [ View enlargement ]

Rainwell Waterseats & Hand Water Pumps

Dame Nellie Melba Kindergarten. Rainwell Waterseats located in the rear and front play areas provide seating and activity platforms. Both Waterseats are connected to Hand Water Pumps, giving children a fun and educational rainwater harvesting experience. [ More information ]