The Waterseat is an innovative solution for rainwater storage and creating functional space. Stored water can be used for garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools and ponds, and its low height enables connection to hand water pumps - a popular combination in kindergartens.

Sustainably managed Australian Jarrah is crafted into the Rainwell Waterseat's construction; creating a natural, unobtrusive design to compliment outdoor entertaining areas and outdoor settings.

Jarrah's magnificently rich coloured grain, durability and smooth finish is ideal for outdoor seating and concealment of the rain tank. UV and moisture protective oils are used to enhance the Jarrah's appearance and preservation.

The rainwater tank is constructed from resilient galvanised steel and protected with an anti-corrosive, waterproof membrane which is suitable for potable water.

The Waterseat can easily be connected to a rain tank, or mains water.

Playgrounds and Hand Water Pumps.

The Waterseat's low height for seating and small water storage capacity have been positive attributes for connecting hand water pumps, and providing other benefits for childhood development.

Hand water pumsp are designed to pump up water from a bore, or water table, and the Waterseat's low height makes it easier to find a pump location that is above the Waterseat.

The Waterseat's small water storage capacity limits the amount of water that children can use, which will help them understand water conservation.


  • 400 litre, w1800mm x d750mm x h455mm.
  • Weight 90kg, including hand water pump
  • Jarrah cover options:

  • Top and 3 sides - including access door
  • Top and 4 sides - including access door


Pricing is in AUD. 10% GST and freight costs are not included. Contact Rainwell for order enquiries.

Waterseat 400 Litre
Top and 3 Side Covers $4920.00
Top and 4 Side Covers $5275.00